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Bayside Admin support - What, Why & Who

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

The Bayside Admin & Bookkeeping focus has always been ‘helping people who help people’.

Bayside Admin - people working in office

We do this by supporting other small business owners, with bookkeeping, administration and business management as our primary services – operating as the backbone of their organisations, empowering others to shine in their field of impact, creating a better world.

Having built up significant NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) understanding and experience, we have been able to support individuals and other disability support services, as we love to be able to help within an industry which is built on a foundation of caring for people.

Lauren Micale - Bayside Admin

Laurens friendly, genuine, passionate and highly trusted personality draws like-minded people to work with and for Bayside Admin, and results in like-minded referrals! With flexibility as both a value and a strength, we strongly believe that highly productive, effectively organised work can be achieved within family-friendly hours, and that mental and general health are key to running a strong small business environment.

Our long-term plan is to continue to prioritise a people-first client focus.

"How can we help?!"

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