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Don't let your eyes glaze over bookkeeping

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Keeping track of your business’ finances doesn’t have to be boring, even if you aren’t an accountant or bookkeeper by trade.

If you’re the owner of a small business, you’re responsible for making sure your company gets paid, pays its taxes, and generally stays on top of things financially. If you aren't a numbers person - and not everyone is, we totally get that (well, we don't really, we say we get it, but not really, 'cos we just love numbers). Of course, we are happy to help take that glazed look away from you, or wipe away those tears…

Who needs it?

Every business owner needs to be financially responsible. If you genuinely don't enjoy bookkeeping, or struggle to understand how the income and expenditures work in your business, we do suggest you get some help, as it is important that you know where your money is coming from and going to (called cashflow). And that you don't just spend everything that's in the bank account, assuming it's all profit!

We love to see our clients take a genuine interest and understand the numbers in their business. And we are happy to explain as simply as possible and answer any questions we can. Sometimes we will point you towards your accountant if the question is more complex, or for example if your business structure is one that is not straightforward and requires specific advice.

How to prepare

Please keep receipts, even if they are digital! You can easily take a photo and send it to us – and we will be delighted to get that email or text message and keep them in a folder for you. This is the preferred process rather than calling you in 3 months to say we can't reconcile that purchase or expense because you scrunched the paper receipt up in the hire car that you left at the airport and it’s now long gone!

Is it difficult?

It is only difficult if you don't let us help you get your finances organised! We love to take that glazed look of yours and get you wide-eyed and excited about our filing systems!

Ok, that might just be our pipe-dream, but we do try to make it as easy for you (and us) as possible by working together. Always remember that the end goal is to save you time and money when it comes to End of Financial Year – and you won't regret the 2 seconds it takes you to take that photo, but you might regret the 2 seconds it took you to crumple up that same receipt and chuck it on the floor under the passenger seat of the hire car... !!!

Glazing is for Windows and BBQs

If numbers make your eyes go misty, and not in a good way, maybe it’s time you got in touch with us – everyone has their expertise, and ours is numbers!

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