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Love my Work!

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

“Lauren is honest, flexible, encouraging, no-nonsense, and generally a lovely person to work with”

When I receive feedback like this, it makes getting up in the mornings so much easier.

Bayside Admin - person stretching arms out - happy

I genuinely love the work I do every day, but I have learned over the many years of helping others, that my kind of work is not everyone’s favourite thing to do!

We all have a variety of skills and talents, in the same way as we all like and dislike different things. Trying to do everything in your business alone can quickly result in burnout, as well as a general feeling of failure and dissatisfaction with the business you run. I’ve not only seen this time and time again, but I’ve experienced it too! And it’s no fun!

So if there’s a way for you to figure out the things that you wish you had someone by your side, to do with you or for you - start looking for that person, with those skills.

Business Support

I know (believe me, I KNOW!) it’s hard to hand over things that you feel you ‘should be able to do’, but just because you could, doesn’t mean that it’s the best way for you to spend your time. If your time would be more productive looking at ways to

· grow your business,

· or meet more potential clients,

· and close more deals,

then why are you sitting at night poring over numbers and spreadsheets, and tearing your hair out?

So get out there, finalise those contracts, grow that wonderful business of yours, and hand me the stuff I love to do! (oh, there’s that ‘no-nonsense’ bit my client referred to 😉)

We make a difference to people’s everyday lives, by reducing their stress levels, and increasing their ability to grow their business. Bayside Admin takes care of the everyday jobs that businesses struggle to find the time, resources, or skills to do - managing schedules, client relationship building, bookkeeping, BAS (Business Activity Statement – GST reporting), payroll and EA (Executive Assistant) support, to name a few of our most popular services.

The support we provide with our NDIS plan management is so rewarding, knowing we help people who struggle with the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency – the Government agency) and its systems, and make it easy for them, is wonderful.

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